Regional College uses FileBound Document Management Solution to Streamline Paper Chase

Inherent costs of paper archives restrain academic institution from capitalizing on expansion.  FileBound cutting-edge software program seamlessly files documents electronically, frees   space and eliminates costs. Improved speed and efficiency propels college to new levels of growth.

Company Profile

With a staff of over a thousand, a main campus and outreach at 5 additional locations, this innovative accredited college offers over 100 comprehensive educational programs. The hands-on format allows students to pursue careers in the arts and sciences, technical instruction, and continuing education while remaining current in the workforce, has left this college in high demand. The multiple locations span a 15 county area, enrolling over 15,000 students per year. The high demand for their specific educational experience has left this well-respected institution experiencing unprecedented growth.

Business Challenge

Back in 2004, when the college was expanding into their fifth location, they faced the problem of increased copy and fax fees to support files at multiple locations, as well as transfer costs to move files from remote locations to the main campus. They also needed to address the issue that their records archive was reaching capacity and used additional storage space, which limited resources to accommodate a growing staff and student body.  This congestion required staff to wait to receive all paper documents on a student’s file and caused slow response rates to student inquiries and financial aid requests.


Using Imaging and Workflow to capture paper documents at the point of origin, the FileBound Document Management Solution was able to efficiently process and file incoming documents. Allowing the initial document to be electronically filed created the potential for multiple locations to have equal access to one document at the same time. FileBound was originally implemented in the Admission/Registrars Office and Financial Aid Office as a way to process all new incoming paperwork. Within 30 minutes after the initial software setup, all incoming documents were being scanned and filed.

The overall implementation of FileBound, including user setup, workflow implementation, and training for 30 people took seven days.  Understanding the simplicity and potential of this application, the college quickly expanded the FileBound solution’s scope to include the Purchasing Department to keep track of invoices and billing. Also, by utilizing an Importer module the Admissions Office was able to setup the Student Information system to create new student files based on incoming data automatically, literally eliminating some of the work previously done by hand. Within six months all student files from the records archive had been scanned.

Business Benefits

Since implementing FileBound, this college has improved speed and efficiency in ways never imagined.

  • The Financial Aid office has seen a 50% reduction in the time required to process incoming requests.
  • The Purchasing Department now sends vendor orders by e-mail instead of mail.   Internal and external orders are now entered directly into FileBound and exported to the accounting system.
  • Response times to student inquires are now measured in minutes instead of days.
  • Eliminated the need and cost of courier services to transport documents from one site to another.
  • Improved staff moral, relieving stress and fatigue that directly correlated to an increase in operational efficiency.

Following the success of the initial FileBound implementation, the college has expanded its use to several new departments including Housing, Scholarships, and Academic Advising. They have seen increased efficiency in virtually every area on campus, creating over 20 automated document systems and enrolling 250 users.

With the aid of FileBound, this innovative college has essentially eliminated the need for paper storage and records archive. This has not only significantly reduced office clutter but also freed up the necessary space to accommodate a growing student body. This educational institution is now equipped to handle current demand and is properly prepared for continued growth in the future.


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