Law enforcement agency uses FileBound to crack down on costly expenditures.


Nationally recognized sheriff’s office finds hiring process out of date and cumbersome. FileBound Document Management Solutions uses desktop scanners and intuitive software to streamline process.

Company Profile

As one of the United States’ largest sheriff’s offices, this Arizona law enforcement agency has been protecting residents since the mid 1800’s. With deep respect for the community, this agency is committed to being a leader in establishing the standards for providing professional quality law enforcement, detention, and support services. Protecting an area over 9,000 square miles and five district counties this law enforcement agency is constantly busy serving the community. .

Business Challenge

In need of professional, dedicated, and trustworthy employees the sheriff’s office requires a rigorous and lengthy hiring process. Founded on a system of paper applications and files, the process worked with credit bureaus and background checks to compile a complete history on the applicant. Once compiled, the Human Resources Department would sort and organize the hefty amount of paperwork and begin the extensive screening process. The resulting atmosphere created an office with overstuffed filing cabinets and piles of paperwork consuming staff desks and floor space. The process continuously forced employees into overtime and exceeded the department’s labor budget. Other costly mistakes included application misfiles, duplicate errors, and lost paper work.  Having multiple employment records strewn throughout the office violated existing privacy laws and regulations. The personal nature of the applicants’ history required a more secure method of storage. In effect, the sheriff’s office method of hiring was unorganized, inefficient, and slightly illicit.


To modernize the application process, FileBound Document Management Solutions created an automated electronic workflow and storage system. Within two weeks, the initial software setup on in-house computers and training was completed. Utilizing seven desktop scanners, staff was able to scan all incoming applications and backlog old files. FileBound automatically created separate files for each application and sorted incoming background checks into the appropriate files. This relieved the office from daily mass printing requirements and cut the cost spent on paper. It also alleviated the burden of excessive paperwork and streamlined everything into pre-organized electronic files. Storing applicant’s information electronically provided the sheriff’s office with the tight security needed to become compliant with federal laws.

Business Benefits

Since adopting the FileBound solution as the primary document manager, the hiring process has been transformed from a complex paper mess into a simplified business system. Files are now tracked and retrieved quickly and with ease. Employment records are more accurate and secure. Job applicant reviews are now completed on time and within budget. The overall process has seen significant improvements including:

  • Increased document security and organization
  • Reduced human resources budget
  • Shortened hiring process to weeks instead of months
  • Eliminated paper misfiles and costly mistakes

FileBound also helped the department relieve stress and allow staff to work without fear of duplicating errors or lost paperwork. The entire department is now smooth and efficient. FileBound helped bring this nationally recognized law enforcement agency into the 21st century with innovative business practices to help them continue to serve their community for years to come.

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