Although its April Fool’s Day, FileBound’s Document Control Aint No Joke

Document Control for the 21st Century

Managing an organization’s documents takes more than creating a file on the computer and then electronically categorizing it for later use. You need real “corporate wide” document control that allows you to access and make best use of documents from creation through use by multiple individuals and ultimately storage, archiving and retrieval for further use.   Data mining is also very important.

With exceptional document control, a company can enhance productivity, tighten security and exert more control over the full life of their organization’s documents. That’s a pretty big return on investment in technology.

What are the key issues solved by a good corporate document control system?

• Organizations with multiple locations each running their own, independent document control operation. 

• Multiple tools and programs in use that are not integrated together to accomplish company goals and objectives.

• Poor security: With multiple programs and ways of handling information in use, it is nearly impossible to oversee and control information and keep it secure.

An effective document control system should offer a number of key features that make communication and control both easier and more secure. These include such things as:

Full security — A company must be able to limit access to only those persons, inside and outside the company, who should be able to view documents.

Audit “time trail” — Document control must include virtual time stamps that indicate when the document was last used and who last modified it.

Convenient access — Eliminate the fiery hoops many systems make you jump through to access documents you have every right to see and modify.

Reports and analysis — Exceptional document control requires the ability to analyze data stored in the system and generate reports quickly and easily.

Document history — The company should be able to track the status of a document that is in process or complete.

Search ease — The document control system should make it super easy to quickly locate the exact file or document you need. No wild goose chases, no wasted time!

Easy integration with other applications — If you can’t use your document control measures with applications already entrenched in your corporate culture, you have a problem. Document control should not be like forcing a square peg into a round hole!

Chosen carefully, with a full understanding of the breadth of features available in the marketplace today, a document control system will expedite communication throughout your organization and raise productivity enormously. It is well worth the investment of time researching document control options and the funds for purchase.

FileBound is the perfect document management solution that gives you control beyond your imagination. You are in charge of your system, and your system works with you. Your organization’s goals can be met by purchasing a FileBound document management solution. Visit the FileBound website to learn more about our revolutionary products.

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