‘Spinning’ in the Sales Process (Part 2 of 2)

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Then, instead of taking what you learned from the problem questions and restating them (which will likely prompt the customer to raise objections), ask more questions regarding the implications of those answers. What does that mean to your business? How will that affect your business’s growth? What does that mean to your revenue cycle?            If these problems are left unattended, what other problems are likely to develop over the long run? Work hard to connect the existing problems to a bottom line effect on the whole company.

Ask the customer questions such as: in a perfect world, how would you retrieve the documents, put the proper information in front of the proper person at the right time, streamline the business process, and dramatically improve the bottom line? What would that world look like? What will solve the problems? Basically, work hard to find out what the payoff is to all their needs. These are very important Need-Payoff questions that will inform you how to construct your demo for maximum impact.

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Remember, when you take time to ask the right questions and get the right answers, you and the customer will stay on the same page while you establish the needs, priorities, obstacles, and solutions. Only then can you make an intelligent decision on when (or if!) it’s time to move forward with the project.

In taking this consultative sales approach with the customer, you’ll be much better equipped and prepared when it comes time to give the big presentation and show the customers what our solution can do. Remember to hammer on those features of our solution that meet their specific needs, and don’t overwhelm or confuse them with any features that don’t. Keep it simple, to the point, and focused on solving the immediate problems.  Always let them know our solution will fix all the problems in the organization, but pound on the pain they have now!

The best news? We can learn from our mistakes and take these lessons with us on the next solutions adventure. We can position ourselves to close the next deal from the vantage point of having the right information at the right time, to execute the right solution! I believe that if we lead with a discovery and consultative sales approach first then follow with the product, we’ll stay inside once the door’s been opened and close that door with a sale.

AUTHOR: Jon Eilers


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