Insurance and Wealth Management Come of Age

When it comes to generating a plethora of paper, few industries rival insurance and wealth management. Contracts, applications, claim forms, client profiles, policies, prospectuses—there’s no end to the documentation required. In this paper-intensive environment, the FileBound Enterprise Document Management Solutions make a profound difference in efficiency, service and information availability.

It also helps protect against legal liability. Insurance and wealth management are highly regulated industries, and an organization can’t afford the legal exposure that can follow when SEC controls, HIPPA regulations, the Patriot Act, Graham-Leach-Bliley and SEC 17a-3 and 17a-4 are breached. You need clear, full documentation that’s easily accessible via computer. You get that and more with FileBound.

Insurance and wealth management are highly regulated industries.

In addition to the compliance concerns, an excellent document management solution such as FileBound helps your organization meet the competitive pressures that can arise when customers’ expectations necessitate near instant responses to requests. With FileBound, you always have information you need at your fingertips. How is my latest stock purchase performing? Is my family covered when we are out of the country? When is my contribution due? Every answer is a click away, filed in one central system that includes emails, scans of hard copy documents, signatures, faxes—everything related to a given policy or piece of business; you can even scan your face-to-face notes into the system for future reference.

Keeping track of projects in process is simplified too. You can always know who is working on a document, where it has been and who gets it next. There is never any confusion about versions because everything is clearly marked and cataloged so only the latest version is in circulation, unless you need to review an older rendition.

Documents can be accessed off-site or on and you set the security for each document, keeping certain information exclusively for upper management or even just yourself.

The bottom-line is you provide better service to your customers with a good electronic document management system and that leads to more sales and more satisfied customers.

Several Types of Documents You Can Manage Using FileBound:

  • Contracts
  • Claim Forms
  • Client Account Transfers
  • Fact Finders
  • Insurance Quote
  • Insurance Application
  • Insurance Contract
  • New Account Opening Forms
  • Policyholder Agreement
  • Wire Transfers

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