The week’s essential Document Management Industry resources you may have missed. (Jan. 24 – Jan. 28)

Don't sweat it if you missed this week’s essential Document Management Industry News. FileBound has them right here!

This week’s important resources:

1. Comprehensive document management solution enhances company functionality, productivity. [INDUSTRY]

2. $300 million Investment made to bulk up document management business. Capitalizing on corporate demand for services such as paper scanning and storage while cutting down on relying on printer sales. [INDUSTRY]

3. Accounts Payable Software Lightens The Paperwork Burden [INDUSTRY]

4. Will Your Document Management System Soon Be Unsupported? [INDUSTRY]

5. Cintas and NFCC Issue Annual Top 11 Tips for Protecting Personal Data in 2011 in Honor of Data Privacy Day [INDUSTRY]

Also, check out the blogs we posted earlier this week:

1. Insurance and wealth management are highly regulated industries. See how FileBound makes things easy. [INDUSTRY][BLOG]
2.  e-now. A revolutionary document management solution that processes invoices for a 25 cents. [INDUSTRY][BLOG]

Check back each Friday for the top document management news of the week.



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