The week’s essential Document Management Industry resources you may have missed. (April 18 – April. 22)

“FileBound offers us functionality and flexibility with our clients." - Select Imaging

This week’s important resources:

1. FileBound 6 unveiled, changing the document management Industry. “In the past, the capabilities found in FileBound 6 were simply out of reach for most organisations because of cost and technical complexity. This new release allows us to address a market segment that today is underserved with current solutions”, said Rex Lamb, President, Marex Group. [INDUSTRY]

2Dropbox Hits 25 Millions Users, 200 Million Files Per Day. People use dropbox for personal storage, file syncing between machines, and group collaboration on projects. They have desktop software for the usual OSs, and mobile access, that makes things run smoothly.

3. Can you make your law office more efficient and profitable by using a DMS? Listen to Danny Johnson discuss the use of Document Management Systems by attorneys! [INDUSTRY]

4. Electronic signature can push contracts through in hours, not weeks.  What else can it do for you? [INDUSTRY]

5. How will Document Management help your business? An advantage to storing documents digitally is that you not only save time but it potentially saves you space.  You save time, money, and increase the size of your office for more important matters. [INDUSTRY]

Also, check out the blogs we posted earlier this week:

1. FileBound helps out SEK, a service that provides assessments to support education to all students that participate in state abilities assessments. [INDUSTRY][BLOG]

2. Matt Neuerburg discusses relationship with FileBound. “FileBound offers us functionality and flexibility with our clients.” [INDUSTRY][BLOG]

Check back each Friday for the top document management news of the week.


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