This week’s essential Document Management Industry resources you may have missed. (May 16 – May 20)

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This week’s important resources:

1. If you must print – What I’ve noticed recently in projects is that I now not only have to think about improving OCR accuracy or image quality during scan, I need to start changing the way customers print to make document imaging and ECM even better. [INDUSTRY

2. Addressing the Demand of SaaS as a Development Organization. The recent successes of Software as a Service (SaaS) models like threaten to make traditional software delivery methods obsolete. Many factors make SaaS attractive to software consumers. For starters, they receive utility based computing that scales linearly with the business. In addition, there is no capital investment and therefore little risk. Read more [INDUSTRY]

3. Enterprise “Content” Management – is that the right word? Many folks in the ECM and RM industries use the term “Content” to describe what is being managed by our automated systems.  The term “Enterprise Content Management” or ECM originated from the desire to assimilate Web Content Management (WCM) into the AIIM umbrella. At the time WCM was mainstream and the AIIM community wanted to expand to become more mainstream. Good article by Mark Mandel, ECM and RM Consultant.  [INDUSTRY]

4. 7 Kinds of Savings for Apartment Properties with Online Document Management. If you manage your documents like close to 90 percent of apartment properties across the country, it’s all about the paper. You might have reams of leases, certificates, reports, and other documents. You file them, copy them, fax them, search through them, ship them, and cart them off to storage. [INDUSTRY]

Also, check out the blogs we posted earlier this week:

1. California state agency improves services and saves costs by deploying FileBound.
CUIAB installed a FileBound document management solution to solve their operational challenges. Within 4 weeks they were scanning incoming claims in each of their remote offices. Within seconds users have access to the case information and can begin processing the claims. With the information readily available, what used to take up to 90 days to process a claim, can now be accomplished in less than 2 weeks. [BLOG][INDUSTRY]

2. Dave Gerber of Tallega Software talks FileBound and how it’s helped him bring his clients up to date. [VIDEO][BLOG]


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