Innovative Medical Management, Inc.

Founded in 1994 by President and CEO Bassel Salloum, Innovative Medical Management, Inc. provides billing and collecting services for medical providers seeking payment from Worker’s Compensation, Medicare, and private insurance companies. The Anaheim Hills, California company with more than 80 employees manages over $300,000,000 in accounts receivables and bills out on behalf of its clients over $4,000,000 per month in new charges. 

Innovative Medical Management, Inc. doubled its billing capacity with the implementation of FileBound. Lost documents are a thing of the past, and the company's business has grown.

The Problem

Innovative Medical Management’s (IMM) processes for billing their clients’ claims to Worker’s Compensation, Medicare and private insurance companies – or for having the court include the clients’ billing in a legal claim for payment – were paper intensive and slow. The system required employees to gather the medical records and billing information from IMM’s medical provider clients (by USPS, fax or email) and then make copies of all the information. Next, the employees had to send the information to the insurance provider or to the court. Ultimately, the medical record and billing information was sent to a collector for follow up until payment was received. Because there was so much paper involved in each case, it was easy for a file to be lost or misplaced. Employee ca- pacity was low (one client per biller) because the process of providing documentation was labor intensive, hard copy focused and slow.

The Solution

With the help of the FileBound Document Management Solution, Innovative Medical Management was able to reconfigure its entire workflow to save time and labor. Now when hard copy files come in from medical providers, they are scanned and entered into the FileBound archive. When IMM billers are assigned a client, they electronically produce a billing statement for processing. Information is emailed and faxed directly from FileBound to the insurance companies and attorneys cutting out the time-consuming file-copying step all along the workflow path.

FileBound Results

Innovative Medical Management’s billing capacity has doubled since the installation of FileBound in March 2010 and no new employees have been needed. The company has gone from having one employee handle one case to having each employee successfully manage multiple cases. Lost files have become a thing of the past because every document is housed securely in the FileBound archive. Since the arrival of FileBound, IMM bills insurance faster and collects quicker, which means extremely satisfied clients. Consequently, IMM’s client base has grown by 50 percent.


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