Miss any essential document management industry news this week? We’ve got you covered! (February 6-10)

Some find it difficult to kick the habit of using paper, but those who've gone paperless find that increased efficiency and accessibility make freedom from paper a wonderful thing.

This week’s important resources:

1. This school board is going paperless and wireless, but some employees worry they aren’t tech savvy enough to use the new laptops or iPads. It’s an interesting example of what holds some offices back from going paperless: http://bit.ly/zjuFRT

2. Is the paperless office right for you? “According to a survey from Robert Half Legal, law firms increasingly see technology as the key differentiator in a competitive market—and storing files digitally is less expensive, more convenient, and eco-friendlier than printing and stacking boxes of paper files.” http://bit.ly/yMUuzN

3. New AIIM research finds that eliminating paper from processes improves customer response times by 300%. “The earlier in the process that capture takes place, the better the transparency and availability the content will have. The data is available to the process faster, and paper forms handling is eliminated.” http://bit.ly/xyHiGq

4. Popularity of PDFs doesn’t signal the end of paper; most professionals still print them. “Over three-quarters of IT professionals surveyed say one of the first things they do with a PDF-based invoice… is print it out.” http://on.wsj.com/ApGP9b

Check out our latest blog post, too:

An agriculture marketing company streamlined business processes and made documents accessible to its global market with FileBound. “The quick implementation of a hosted solution without a large capital investment exceeded their ROI expectations and has resulted in the kind of organizational scalability that has them poised to take advantage of new opportunities as they present themselves across the globe.” http://bit.ly/Ap0gnK


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