Miss any essential document management industry news this week? We’ve got you covered! (May 7-11)

If you’ve been out of the loop this week, have no fear! FileBound is here with your weekly document management news roundup.

This week’s important resources:

1. Is it time for “cloud computing” to just be called “computing”? “…we may not even be using the term ‘cloud’ within the next five years – any and all forms of computing will be taking advantage of a mix of network and local resources.”  http://zd.net/IHTwOS

2. Does the future of document management lie in the cloud? See what Lee Bourke, CEO of FileBound Australia has to say! http://bit.ly/IHVPkW

3. Florida clerks anticipate savings with proposed paperless system. “Once completed, Weiss anticipates a paperless system would produce at least $1.5 million in annual savings for his agency, primarily in reducing the time-consuming labor of processing paperwork.” http://bit.ly/JVsizW

4. All Copy Products offers new, comprehensive IT division for SMBs. “With partners like HP, Dell and Lenovo (IBM PC and laptop solutions), and FileBound, All Copy Products can expand and fulfill any technological needs in both hardware and software, as well as with desktop, laptop, mobile devices, network security measures, and the latest in virus and spam protection.” http://bit.ly/Jj1IlA

Read our latest blog post, too:

Allegan County upgraded its existing document management system to FileBound for enterprise-wide rollout. http://bit.ly/LQkZjb


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