Miss any essential document management industry news this week? We’ve got you covered! (September 17-21)

Big data, cloud computing, document management, and IT spending all play a part in the business process and the overall economy.

This week’s news resources:

1. Will the cloud rain relief into your high-tech life? Learn more about the how the cloud works. http://bit.ly/PXZ5Mg

2. This court’s new document management system will make things flow smoothly and efficiently. “In my view, these comprehensive guidelines have just set the ‘benchmark’ for electronic document standards,” she said. “I am certain that they will be the standard for a true e-filing system for all court documents in the future.” http://bit.ly/Poo9ZG

3. How does IT spending affect our economy? “Among the fastest growing segments of software spending were enterprise social, collaborative applications, security management, analytics, virtualization and CRM, showing a ‘combination of enterprise applications and system infrastructure’ offerings.” http://bit.ly/RJ33or

4. Predictive analytics a focus area in big data. “As far as data is concerned, whether it comes from our own systems or from third-party data sources, our day-to-day operations are where big data happens. Huge volumes and a wide variety of data are available.” http://bit.ly/PoxjqV

In case you missed our latest blog post:

Providence Hospitality Partners implemented FileBound AP to automate its accounts payable processes. http://bit.ly/RuMKl6


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