Mary Rutan Hospital


Mary Rutan Hospital has saved paper and boosted staff productivity since switching               to FileBound for their document management solution.

When Mary Rutan Hospital decided its two legacy document management systems no longer met its needs, CDW Healthcare recommended FileBound, a Web-based solution from Marex Group that offered vastly improved functionality and ease of use as well as enterprise-wide consistency. Since implementing FileBound in early 2006, the hospital has been able to increase its electronic medical recordkeeping from 20 percent to nearly 80 percent, saving paper and money and boosting staff productivity. It has also integrated FileBound with its clinical software to improve the delivery of quality patient care. And recognizing that it has only scratched the surface of the possibilities FileBound offers, Mary Rutan plans to continue expanding applications throughout the multi-campus organization.

The Challenge

After more than four years of using two separate document management applications to scan and archive patient data and financial records, Mary Rutan Hospital was completely convinced of the value of electronic document management. But the staff was less than satisfied with their legacy solutions, which were confusing to use, time-consuming to administer and offered limited functionality.

The Solution

Mary Rutan’s CDW Healthcare account team suggested the Web-based FileBound solution and arranged Webinar demonstrations for the hospital’s Information Systems (I.S.) staff and end-user representatives. Immediately sold on FileBound’s robustness and ease of use — as well as the cost-effectiveness of its unlimited user licenses — Mary Rutan quickly decided to move forward on the conversion. Currently, about half of the hospital’s more than 730 employees use FileBound — and the number is growing rapidly, especially after the recent integration of the software with the existing clinical application.

The Results

In less than two years, Mary Rutan has taken giant strides toward its goal of becoming as paperless an environment as possible. Previously, less than a quarter of the hospital’s patient records were electronic — that number is now well over three-quarters. The ability of any user to find records easily and quickly translates into increased staff productivity and significantly fewer calls requesting file location to medical records staff. And with dramatically less paper, storage costs were slashed. FileBound also seamlessly integrated with the hospital’s Web-based M2 electronic medical record (EMR) system, providing a single point of reference for document management throughout the hospital campus via computers on wheels, notebooks and desktops. In  addition, since FileBound is so user-friendly, help calls to the I.S. staff have also plummeted, freeing them to better utilize their limited resources in other vital areas.


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