FileBound continues Moving You Forward


The performance and features enhancement continues with the release of FileBound 6.5.2.

FileBound by Upland today updated their workflow automation and document management solution by adding new features that increase functionality and ease of use.  The updates include Capture 6.6, Central Installation 3.0, Web Parts for SharePoint, Integration Platform, and addresses every known item from version 6.5.

FileBound Capture 6.6 increases templating speed and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) performance by as much as 50%, and provides many new features including multiple word support for pattern matching, dockable line item and file summary panels, and VBScript support in templates.

FileBound Central Installation 3.0 provides the ability to register On-Demand sites, as well as install sites as the Default Website for the server, a Virtual Website on the server, or as a new Website.  The new Site Health Check will determine system performance including key FileBound database tables and functions, CPU resources and memory utilization.

The new FileBound SharePoint Web Parts bring integrated FileBound functionality into SharePoint.  Users are able to view and take action on documents routed to them using FileBound workflow directly in the SharePoint interface.  When performing a search within SharePoint users will receive search results that include content from both FileBound and SharePoint.

The FileBound Integration Platform now provides improved error handling and reporting. The Microsoft SQL connector has had support added that will clean empty spaces from data during importing.  The QuickBooks connector has been updated to support QuickBooks 2013.

Dan Yount, FileBound General Manager, said, “These improvements are items our partners and their customers have been asking for.  These are just a few steps in continuing our expansion in making FileBound Workflow Automation the premier solution for business work automation.”

FileBound provides an integrated workflow and document management system that can be deployed as a cloud-based service or implemented locally.  Its solutions were developed on the web using a Microsoft platform so that they can be easily integrated into the most widely used software systems, and adapted to meet the individual needs of any business making it suitable for any business from SMEs to large corporations.  At the heart of the FileBound solution are process automation tools that are simple to manage, allowing non-technical users to control rules, decisions, and work assignments. Within FileBound, customers can configure and generate reports that allow them to develop systematic audit procedures, manage information processes and comply with government regulations. FileBound’s powerful document management capabilities also help bridge the gap between digital content and paper documents, allowing organizations to seamlessly manage records and information.

About FileBound

FileBound provides cloud-based business process automation and document management solutions that improve the operation of any organization by connecting users with the information they need to work more efficiently and effectively. With FileBound, customers can build automated workflow processes and centrally manage documents to improve compliance, collaboration, and access to information. FileBound solutions can be deployed locally or as a cloud-based service, and have been implemented by organizations of all sizes around the world. FileBound is committed to a customer centric approach to innovation, excellence and solutions that deliver measurable results. For more information, visit  FileBound is part of the Upland family of cloud-based project, portfolio, and work management software products


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