Community Mental Health Authority


After implementing FileBound, Community Mental Health Authority solved its issue of having a disconnect between data and documents while keeping security top of mind.

Community Mental Health Authority of Clinton, Eaton and Ingham Counties (CMH), headquartered in Lansing, Michigan, employ more than 800 people making it the fifteenth largest employer in the region. CMH was created in 1964 to serve the mental health needs of the residents of the tri-county community, including: adults with mental illness, children and adolescents with emotional disturbance or mental illness, adults with development disabilities, children with developmental disabilities, and adults with substance abuse disorders.

The Problem

CMH had a growing issue with the availability and security of documents and information that they needed to provide services to their clients. They also wanted to address the disconnect that existed between data in their systems and associated documents. As information was updated in their core systems they wanted that information to be reflected in the system that managed all the supporting documents. They needed to find a better way to meet their growing needs.

The Solution

CMH chose FileBound because it met all of their needs, including improved access to documents from any of their locations, the ability to apply security on files and sections of files, and the ability to share data from their existing systems to update files within FileBound during a nightly update.

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