Case Study: FileBound Aids Car Sales Process


A blue car is pictured.

FileBound helped Australian Fleet Sales adopt a more efficient document management process.


An inefficient document management process was slowing down Australian Fleet Sales, a recent FileBound case study explains. The company operates 12 sales yards that serve both individuals and businesses.

When a customer purchased a vehicle, a physical file was created. Customers who needed financing also had another file created. These files create a Deal Pack. All Deal Packs had to be sent to one of the yards that served as the main office, which processed and filed the information.

This old process created several problems for the company. It was difficult for staff to find important customer information in the Deal Packs. Secure transportation was needed to move Deal Packs from the 11 other yards to the main office. An increasing number of file cabinets holding contracts were used up valuable office space. Also, management could not check Deal Pack status reporting across all the yards.

To solve these problems, Australian Fleet Sales turned to FileBound.

Now the business can scan and upload Deal Packs into the cloud from any of the 12 yards. PSI:Capture, a document processing software, captures important index data from each file before it migrates to FileBound. Employees can complete tasks using an Internet browser or the FileBound Touch application.

Australian Fleet Sales has seen many benefits since the switch to FileBound.

  1. Customer service and staff satisfaction have increased with immediate access to information.
  2. Staff spend less time searching for specific files and documents.
  3. The time needed to file and scan documents has been cut in half thanks to FileBound.
  4. Deal Pack files are shared from each of the yards when they are created.
  5. Office space has been freed up to use for other purposes than storing files.

The company has more plans to incorporate FileBound solutions into their business. Learn more in the case study here.

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