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Case Study: FileBound Aids Car Sales Process

January 7, 2015


A blue car is pictured.

FileBound helped Australian Fleet Sales adopt a more efficient document management process.


An inefficient document management process was slowing down Australian Fleet Sales, a recent FileBound case study explains. The company operates 12 sales yards that serve both individuals and businesses.

When a customer purchased a vehicle, a physical file was created. Customers who needed financing also had another file created. These files create a Deal Pack. All Deal Packs had to be sent to one of the yards that served as the main office, which processed and filed the information.

This old process created several problems for the company. It was difficult for staff to find important customer information in the Deal Packs. Secure transportation was needed to move Deal Packs from the 11 other yards to the main office. An increasing number of file cabinets holding contracts were used up valuable office space. Also, management could not check Deal Pack status reporting across all the yards.

To solve these problems, Australian Fleet Sales turned to FileBound.

Now the business can scan and upload Deal Packs into the cloud from any of the 12 yards. PSI:Capture, a document processing software, captures important index data from each file before it migrates to FileBound. Employees can complete tasks using an Internet browser or the FileBound Touch application.

Australian Fleet Sales has seen many benefits since the switch to FileBound.

  1. Customer service and staff satisfaction have increased with immediate access to information.
  2. Staff spend less time searching for specific files and documents.
  3. The time needed to file and scan documents has been cut in half thanks to FileBound.
  4. Deal Pack files are shared from each of the yards when they are created.
  5. Office space has been freed up to use for other purposes than storing files.

The company has more plans to incorporate FileBound solutions into their business. Learn more in the case study here.

Texas Hospital reduces streamlines billing with FileBound

July 30, 2014

FileBound was able to decrease the billing cycle of East Texas Medical Center EMS from two months to one week.

East Texas Medical Center EMS Significantly Reduces Billing Cycle with FileBound

Although highly efficient in all its medical services provided to patients, this organization was being held back by a manual system of handling trip tickets, Explanation of Benefits (EOB) processing, accounts receivables and membership drive management. As a result, trip tickets, which show details of each trip and service provided, were slow to reach billing. Printed trip tickets were regularly misplaced, delaying billing even more. In addition, the time-consuming manual tracking of EOBs impacted the organization’s ability to provide timely information to patients and insurers. The manual billing process that depended on data gathered from the manually processed trip tickets resulted in a 60-day accounts receivable cycle. On top of everything else, all of these manually performed operations required the organization to regularly hire a large number of temporary employees. The end result was a slow, expensive operation that was holding back the organization.

The Solution

The company adopted a FileBound platform to manage all its documents. Trip tickets, EOBs and membership forms are now scanned into the FileBound system and all workflow processes are managed by the system which provides tremendous savings of time and labor. The FileBound system was also configured so the company could OCR their EOBs. This resulted in information being immediately accessible, further streamlining the process. The organization now also uses FileBound to manage its annual membership drive to speed up information availability and follow-up.

FileBound Results

FileBound provided a complete solution that contains all the features and functions the client needed. The introduction of FileBound technology has cut their billing cycle from 60 days to one week. Trip tickets are now captured the day after creation and entered into the billing system within 48 hours. The three full-time employees who previously were manually managing each day’s batch of EOBs are no longer needed and have been deployed elsewhere in the company. The client felt that the FileBound solution was user-friendly and intuitive to all levels of users. The customer achieved a return-on-investment within just nine months due to the new, highly efficient EOB strategy and a reduced need for contract/temporary labor.

Furniture retail outlet maintains document security and increases efficiency with FileBound

July 2, 2014

FileBound helped Furniture Row save time, share files easily, and protect important documents.


Successful home furnishings company, Furniture Row, is limited by congested internal services and lack of space for sensitive material. FileBound Document Management Solutions with hosting capability provides structure needed to get company up to date on the latest electronic filing software and increase daily efficiency.

Company Profile

Founded in the early 1970’s, this privately held retail company is one of the fastest growing furniture outlets in the country. Offering multiple name brand home furnishing stores in one location provides customers with unparalleled selection. With 31 locations and roughly 3000 employees this national company has a strong and successful background. High quality furniture and a knowledgeable sales staff provide unbeatable resources for continued growth.

Business Challenge

Though successful with customers and retail, the company began to feel internal strains through its continued growth. With expansion, the hiring of new staff and transfer of existing staff created complications in storing employee records and files. All employee records had to be stored in an offsite location, which consisted simply of stacked file boxes. These boxes took up valuable space and created a cumbersome process of retrieving a specific file, especially if the file was in a box located at the bottom. Also, the inconvenience of an offsite storage center was an insecure way to store sensitive data and time consuming to retrieve data and share documents. While aiming for an innovative electronic filing system, the company lacked onsite technical staff to properly maintain any sort of complex system.


In 2007 the company was able to successfully address all individual needs with one compact solution using FileBound Document Management System. Overcoming the lack of a technical department, the FileBound On-Demand option was chosen allowing hosted electronic file storage. Hosting alleviated the initial capital investment from the company and provided security for sensitive employee records. FileBound On-Demand allowed company employees to retrieve records data through a secure Internet connection and processed file requests infinitely faster than if done manually.

Initial implementation of FileBound software was complete in less than a week and scan-on-demand abilities allowed newly scanned documents to be available the same day. Through the secure Internet connection and easy usability, employees were able to retrieve documents instantaneously increasing the overall efficiency of day-to-day operations. Within months all paper records were scanned and stored at the host site to eliminate all hard copy records, creating usable physical storage space and reduced costs.

Business Benefits

The successful furniture retail company was able to greatly improve the ease and efficiency of daily operations. Documents became readily available to employees at multiple locations at the same time. Sharing of information increased employee’s ability to process service requests more quickly and improve communication networks. The FileBound solution increased qualitative and quantitative aspects of business in multiple ways:

  • Drastically reduced costs associated with rental of storage space and mailing fees to move documents to locations around the country
  • Increased security of company sensitive information
  • Cut document retrieval time down from hours to minutes
  • Allowed employees to share files within minutes instead of days, greatly improving internal employee service

Though the company had already proven its ability to address the needs of customers, FileBound gave them the ability to properly address internal issues as well. On-Demand scanning capabilities and host storage of files has allowed this company to improve overall internal structure and prepare for the opportunities of the futur

Case Study: ASA

May 14, 2014

FileBound was able to help the ASA manage more than 350,000 documents on a tight budget.

ASA sought a solution to manage the 350,000 plus documents associated with their membership files, both active and inactive. These files contain membership applications, annual renewals, continuing education documents, and professional certifications. This paper-based filing process was labor intensive and created challenges when responding to the needs of both Society members and employees. In addition, it was becoming difficult finding space to store the growing number of files.

The Solution

The Priton Group (TPG) worked with ASA to develop a document imaging solution to meet the goals of the Society. The system not only had to provide an easy means for scanning, storing and retrieving information, but it also had to fit within their budget. Ultimately, they selected FileBound® Express™. FileBound Express is an appliance based document management system that simply attaches to the network to provide an instant document management solution. To create a complete solution, ASA wanted to scan all of its back file member files into the system. However, the thought of indexing 350,000 pages was overwhelming. TPG designed a scan process using bar-coded sheets containing all index information. These sheets were automatically created using information from an existing database. As a result, ASA was able to scan and automatically process the documents without the need to manually index the pages.

FileBound Results

Document access has been greatly enhanced and FileBound’s feature-rich security module secures access to information. All membership data and images are backed up to their network, ensuring the information will always be available. FileBound has saved us time, money and valuable office space.