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FileBound Certified Engineer Boot Camp

July 9, 2014



Attend our latest training seminar without leaving home. Our FileBound Certified Engineer Boot Camp provides personalized instruction, no matter where you’re located.

At FileBound, we understand that it isn’t always easy to be away from home, so we’re thrilled to introduce our first online technical training course. From July 28 to July 31, we’re offering FileBound Certified Engineer (FBCE) Boot Camp right from the comfort of your computer. You’ll get the same top-quality personalized instruction FileBound is known for without the discomfort of airline travel, hotel beds, and time away from your family.

FBCE Boot Camp covers:

  • How to access and use FileBound Central Installation
  • System components, including Internet Information Services (IIS) and document storage location
  • Troubleshooting the database, client access and website issues

Date: Monday, July 28 through Thursday, July 31

Time: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Central) daily

Who should attend: FileBound implementation and support professionals who troubleshoot common FileBound issues

Students will be expected to participate in all of the sessions and successfully complete the course exam to earn FBCE certification. Registered attendees will also receive an invitation to an FBCE prep meeting on Monday, July 14, at 1 p.m. Central to ensure they get the most from their online training experience.

Click here for registration, pre-requisites, system requirements and additional details. If you have any questions, please contact your account manager.

High-end Document Management for the Masses

September 12, 2013
Document management is a necessity, and FileBound allows an affordable high-end solution.

Document management is a necessity, and FileBound allows an affordable high-end solution.

“Imagine your critical corporate information, accessible from anywhere in the world and always up-to-date. Start using the power of the Internet to drive your document repository!”

Every business or organization, regardless of their size, has certain common characteristics and challenges. They all have documents and information that they need to organize, manage and control in order to ensure their success. Whether they use Quick Books or a high-end ERP solution, they all generate invoices, process payables, have human resource files and have to complete tax forms. Comparatively, if they are a one-doctor clinic or a 500-bed hospital they have to keep medical records and process EOB documents.

Today, information and the documents generated from it are created from multiple sources and stored in many forms. Every organization has Word documents, emails, faxes, paper documents and many other document types. The question is: how do they bring all these pieces together to create a history of their activities, provide customer support and comply with government regulations? Document management solutions are the answer.

In the past, the solutions that would allow organizations to build enterprise systems to manage these challenges were financially out of reach to all but the very largest. They were faced with very few options other than printing everything to paper and filing it in traditional manual filing systems or scanning the paper into a basic imaging system. Even though these systems marginally worked, they limited growth, consumed human resources and created regulatory compliance issues.

Two developments over the past few years have changed this paradigm. These are the introduction of web technologies and hosted services. Together, both of these have reduced the internal infrastructure required to deploy and support document management systems, while lowering the total cost of ownership to the point where document management solutions are within reach of all organizations.

These systems, like FileBound by Upland, allow organizations of any size to design a document management solution to meet their needs. With FileBound, you can capture content from any source, whether its scanning paper or importing emails and faxes or documents created from other applications. Once imported into FileBound, this content can be routed down pre-configured workflows, stored and securely accessed from a web browser or published for website access.

Everyone needs document management and with FileBound, organizations can choose to adopt it as a hosted solution using the FileBound On-Demand service. Or, implement it as a simple network appliance with FileBound Express. Or, license the solution and install FileBound on an IT infrastructure. This clearly demonstrates a paradigm shift, which makes high-end document management systems available to all.

2014 FileBound Partner Conference Ft. Lauderdale, Florida – April 27th-29th, 2014

September 4, 2013

Conference Goers

The FileBound Partner Conference has become the industry event. Partners and vendors plan to attend every year because of the great business opportunities and friendships that are gained. This year will be no different. Plan to attend the 2014 FileBound Partner Conference that will be held at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Ft. Lauderdale starting Sunday evening April 27th and continuing through Tuesday April 29th.

The 2014 conference will continue to offer great sales and technical tracks that will focus on new and exciting things that FileBound is currently hard at work on. Keynote speakers, a hallmark of the FileBound Partner Conference, will focus on how you can improve your sales and business. This year you can expect to hear from more great speakers as you have come to expect.

Be sure to block April 27th-29th, 2014 off of your calendar to attend another great FileBound Partner Conference in sunny Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Improved Control and Accuracy of Invoice Processing

August 21, 2013
A seemingly small mistake in invoicing can create large ripples throughout a business...

A seemingly small mistake in invoicing can create large ripples throughout a business.

Reducing data entry errors is an important focus in every organization. Common methods to reduce errors include improved training, incentive pay and double entry of the data. In some instances, firms employ double-checking input work by another employee. Quality initiatives that began in the 1980s taught many how to more accurately measure errors and develop constructive plans to reduce them. All of these methods have some level of success in search of the elusive “zero-defect” work product.

A business looks to the accounting department for leadership in accuracy and control. In Accounts Payable, errors take the form of incorrect matching of price and quantity, errors in assigning general ledger account numbers and errors in data entry into the accounting computer system. The implications of these errors can be costly. Invoices can be over-paid, paid late resulting in late fees and in some cases paid multiple times. Miscoding account numbers leads to incorrect financial reports and staff “churn” investigating spending variances. A seemingly small mistake during invoice processing can create large ripples throughout the business.

In public companies these ripples can have a sustained effect. Errors during the AP process can cause earnings reports to be wrong. These errors include the type described earlier plus lost or misplaced invoices that are later found and recorded. GAAP requires that invoices recorded in the month the goods or services were received. When an invoice is missed from a previous month, and the amount is material, a restatement of a prior month’s earnings may be required; something no CFO or CEO wants to happen.

There is now a solution to the problem of accuracy and control of invoice processing – FileBound. With FileBound invoices are scanned and electronically filed immediately upon receipt. When the invoices are scanned, selected data is recorded and imported into the general accounting system. The AP system has the exact information including quantity, price, total due, payment due date and much more. Since FIleBound has the invoice for processing there will be no more lost or misplaced invoices and the monthly AP accrual can be made with assurance of complete information.

FileBound – improved accuracy, improved control and an improved bottom line

FileBound 6 Sales Training

April 25, 2011

Prepare to sell FileBound with confidence. This free full day of training is intended for all FileBound dealers and will cover sales training on FileBound 6 and FileBound Capture. The training will be delivered in small sessions with hands on exercises on how to sell and demo FileBound 6. The training will be conducted at selected locations around the United States at no charge.


During the FileBound Partner Conference we provided you with an opportunity to get a preview release of FileBound 6. Now we are providing you with an opportunity to learn how to effectively sell and demonostrate FileBound 6 with all of it’s powerful yet simple to use features. If you were unable to attend the partner conference this is your chance to see the new FileBound 6 in person and get your own preview copy to work with.

Training Locations:

Denver, CO – April 26, 2011

Santa Ana, CA – April 28, 2011

Atlanta, GA – May 3, 2011

Independence, OH – May 4, 2011

All training sessions will start at 8:00am and be completed by 5:00pm. FileBound will provide lunch during the training. Attendees will be responsible for providing their own transportation, room fees and any other incidentals. At this time we can no longer guarantee rooms or the room rates at the specified hotels.

FileBound Training: Creating an Archive Setting with Multiple Rules

November 16, 2010