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Testimonial: InStream

August 6, 2014

Mark Hinson, President and CEO of InStream, shares his experience with FileBound and why it’s the core and only document management solution InStream provides. Watch the video testimonial to learn more:

Testimonial: BSC

July 16, 2014

Ernest C. Hughston, the Executive Director of Operations & Technology at Business Systems & Consultants, Inc., shares his experience with FileBound and why BSC is a proud reseller. Watch the video to learn more:

Document Management Industry Roundup: January 10, 2014

January 10, 2014
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Take a look at what this week has to offer in document management news.

This week’s important resources:

1. Bring your own cloud (BYOC) could pose some issues if these risks aren’t properly addressed.

2. We’re happy to announce Sean Nathaniel as the new General Manager of FileBound. Find out more about Sean’s vision for FileBound:

3. How engaged are employees at your organization? Gallup reports that 70% of US workers aren’t reaching their full potential.

4. The number one reason for dissatisfaction with ECM was poor content strategy. Find out how else content usage has affected ECM.

In case you missed our latest blog:

“[FileBound] helps us provide a full solution to our clients.” – Brian Sewart, OnCourse


FileBound Testimonial — OnCourse

January 8, 2014

“[FileBound] helps us provide a full solution to our clients.” – Brian Sewart, OnCourse

Clerk’s Office: Columbia County, New York

August 14, 2013

“We selected FileBound because of its functionality and cost. We liked the fact that it was customizable for each department—the DA, the county board, social services—they could all use FileBound.” – Holly Tanner, Country Clerk

Columbia County, New York, sits along the Hudson River with rolling hills extending to the Massachusetts state line. The county’s rich history includes the Martin van Buren Historic Site, home of the eighth president of the United States. Today, the county serves a population of over 63,000.

The Problem

The Clerk’s Office for Columbia County manages all records pertaining to county business. Like many offices, the number of files that required tracking and storage was straining space and staff time. Files were stored in boxes which were often moved off-site. Tracking both files and boxes meant a time-consuming system of double-filing and searches. The county wanted to go paperless and a flexible system capable of handling the document storage needs was essential. Another issue was staying within the limitations of the county budget.

The Solution

Thanks to referrals from clerks of the New York State Association of County Clerks, Columbia looked into FileBound for its cost and features. Holly Tanner, County Clerk of Columbia County, says, “We selected FileBound because of its functionality and cost. We liked the fact that it was customizable for each department—the DA, the county board, social services—they could all use FileBound.” IT Director Randy Wheeler adds, “The licensing makes it more affordable. We also paid attention to the testimonials of other customers regarding the ease-of-use.” Another plus was the training FileBound provided. Kim Dillon, Records Management Clerk, explains, “Rick Jones and Bruce Harper were very helpful in training me; training technically lasted a week but most of the stuff I would be using it for I learned in two days. And if I ever had any questions, I would look in the user’s guide, and if it wasn’t there, I would call Rick or Bruce. I always got a quick, timely response. They’re so helpful.”

FileBound Results

Integrating FileBound into the county processes is ongoing. The Department of Social Services is using it in handling foster care and child care services, scanning documents and using search and retrieve functions on a daily basis. Records Management uses it mainly for box and file tracking and indexing inactive records. “Everything is easier once it’s in FileBound,” reports Kim Dillon, “Finding it, checking it out. It saves me a lot of time.” The full potential of what FileBound can do for Columbia County is a work in progress as other departments come on board. Kim Dillon is excited, “I feel almost like I’m selling it to the other departments. It’s just so easy and I know it would help them out. I just bring in my laptop and show them they could use it to search, index, view, etc. They can see immediately how it could apply to their departments.”

Document Management Industry Roundup: August 9, 2013

August 9, 2013
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Find out what’s new in tech and document management in this week’s industry roundup.

This week’s important resources:

1. There are still organizations that aren’t paperless, despite the benefits such as time and costs savings, along with providing a better solution to disaster recovery and human error.  How can this be fixed? Better product solutions, and products that adapt with customer needs.

2. Not only does BYOD help businesses stay cost efficient, but it can also help students use technology to learn. Who will be next to adopt BYOD?

3. Many are predicting that big data will be a game changer when it comes to IT. Why? Cognitive computing can adapt and predict based on information.

4. IT departments are being torn. “On one side there is a need to run complex, global infrastructure that is compliant and secure, and on the other side there is a need to provide IT value quickly to users.”  Do startups have an advantage with their ability to quickly implement new technology?

In case you missed our latest blog post:

FileBound helped the Colorado Judicial System implement Virtual Dockets, and easy way to streamline processes and increase productivity. Find out more in our blog.

Colorado Judicial System

August 7, 2013
FileBound helped the Colorado Judicial System implement the Electronic Dockets, which helped increase productivity.

FileBound helped the Colorado Judicial System implement Virtual Dockets, an easy way to increase productivity.

The Colorado courts found themselves over extended in trial proceedings that required an ever increasing amount of manual labor that was in short supply with the result being increasing costs and decreased process flow. The FileBound Document Management Solution solves these issues by creating a paperless court environment using an innovative Virtual Docket that provides ease of use and increased productivity.

The Problem

As the Colorado Court’s pilot project for a virtual docket, this county judicial system  was responsible for transferring their entire system over to a paperless system. The judicial process requires accurate court files, up-to-date motions, and daily transactions between counsels to be presented to the judge in a complete file for review before proceeding. In the former paper based system, the clerk’s office maintained the trial docket of cases for the judges. They received all incoming paperwork from the District Attorney, Public Defender and Private Bar offices and filed them with appropriate cases. This daily process was very labor-intensive and slow and involved many filing and re-filing of cases. It also provided for human error in allowing documents to be misplaced, lost, or misfiled and required multiple paper copies to be printed for each party involved. Overall it created inefficiencies in the judicial process.

The Solution

In creating an electronic solution for the courts, one of the biggest challenges was designing a process that was easy to use, reliable, and efficient enough to quickly gain buy in from the judges. FileBound created the winning strategy by designing a Virtual Docket. This electronic version of the trial docket allowed judges immediate access to all cases and documents on a computer. By logging in, they could view all files, pending motions, and case decisions as they were made. Clerks can log in and update cases as needed, giving Judges access to cases anytime, anywhere. And with a secure connection, password sensitive access, and documents stored on in-house resources the Judges were comfortable with the security of the solution.

FileBound Results

The largest benefit the court has seen is the unification of the trial court process. Incorporating all processes into one system, gives the judges continual access to the latest information in the cases they oversee. It has streamlined the trial process for all parties involved and created a more efficient system. It provides instant retrieval of archived records and has eliminated the hassle of managing paper files and documents.

FileBound Testimonial: Maria – iDESS

July 31, 2013

“Bad information is one of the main problems in a company – it costs them at least 15% of their revenue”

On-Line Imaging Testimonial

May 1, 2013

Joe O’Malley, President of On-Line Imaging talks about working with FileBound.

“What we like about The Marex Group and FileBound is, one, they make it easy to sell, they make it easy to understand their products, [and] they’re flexible.”

Moorsville Consolidated School Corporation

April 10, 2013


Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation (MCSC) is located in Morgan County, Indiana, and consists of one high school (grades 9-12), one middle school (grades 7-8), and five elementary schools (grades K-6). They have 305 certified and 125 non-certified staff members. More than 4,350 students attend Mooresville schools. The district includes residents of Brown, Harrison, and Madison Townships in Morgan County, Indiana.

The Problem

While working with MCSC it was determined that they needed a more cost effective way to file, search, and transfer school records to colleges and universities. They also identified a need for a better disaster recovery plan for all of their school records from 1960 to present.

The Solution

It was determined that a FileBound document management solution would not only meet their needs but was also at a price point that they could afford. This new solution automates the way they manage and protect their school transcripts, human resource files, and other records within the organization. FileBound allows them to securely access and share transcripts with outside requestors in a much more efficient way.

FileBound Results

According to MCSC, they realized a $55,000 savings by purchasing FileBound compared to other solutions that they considered. They also estimate a savings of $1,000 per week for hourly employee costs. MCSC also saved approximately $3,000 in filing cabinets, labels, hard copy records, and other storage materials. The bottom line is that this system saved MCSC both time and money and resulted in a more efficient running organization.