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First National Bank

January 8, 2013
First National Bank did some pretty cool things.

Having to physically transport files between locations made it difficult for First Northern Bank to stay organized. They were able to eliminate over a third of their storage space after implementing FileBound.

The First National Bank of Wahoo, Nebraska was organized on the 15th day of July, 1882 and has remained on the corner of 5th and Linden ever since. The First National Bank has been a member of the Federal Reserve System of the United States since 1914 and a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation since it inception in 1933. They are proud of their heritage as well as the fact they are a locally owned, independent community bank. First National Bank has 27 full and part-time dedicated employees, and continues to be a very stable presence in Wahoo. 

The Problem

First National Bank began researching document management solutions in 2004.They wanted to be able to keep all of their loan files together for convenience but as their company continued to grow they found themselves running out of space. In addition to a lack of space, they were worried about the overall security of their documents. When considering FileBound, FNB had two branches with only one president for both branches. The bank president was transporting folders in his car while commuting between offices, which made it difficult to keep them organized. This practice also put them at risk of violating company and regulatory security policies. First National Bank was running out of room and spending too much time hand delivering files between locations.

The Solution

First National Bank considered many options in their search for a solution, but at the end of the day FileBound proved to be the best choice both financially and functionally. FNB decided to scan files in themselves rather than pay a third party. Their idea was that everyone has down time and in their down time they would scan files into FileBound. This process proved to be very valuable to the company. In addition to saving money by scanning the files in themselves, they were able to eliminate many files. President and CEO Steve Sallenbach describes the experience, “the whole process took about six months, but once they
were in, they were in, and it seems like every day we are saying ‘hey this is great!’”.

FileBound Results

Thanks to FileBound, First National Bank can confidently grow knowing they have the security and functionality to do  so. By implementing FileBound as their document management solution, FNB was able to eliminate over a third of their storage space as well as streamline many cumbersome processes within the bank. They no longer have to haul files between branches and adding memos is a breeze. The time saved allows the secretaries and officers to focus on what is most important: providing personalized service through a dedicated staff to offer the best possible banking experience that will meet all of their customer’s financial needs.

Bottom Line

FileBound efficiently streamlines processes and secures documents, allowing organizations to confidently look to the future.

Georgetown Independent School District

December 19, 2012
Georgetown was able to allow one of their employees to move from spending 90% of their time filing to

One administrative employee was able to shift from spending 90% of her time filing to focusing on other aspects of the job.

Georgetown Independent School District (GISD) is a rapidly expanding school district located in Georgetown, Texas, just north of Austin. Out of more than 1000 independent school districts in Texas, they are the 74th largest. GISD has 16 campuses plus an administration campus. Georgetown Independent School District seeks to empower students to become life-long learners and leaders by providing quality education.

The Problem

The Special Education department of GISD was faced with the issue of space. They had file cabinets lining all four walls of a 12’x 12’ office and a back to back row in the middle. It was not possible to open both the cabinets along the wall and the middle row at the same time. File cabinets were stacked upon file cabinets, and on top of that, the records administrators had no real method of tracking their files. At any given point in time it was difficult to know whether a file was in the central file room or had been checked out to an individual campus; in addition there were multiple versions of files which only added to the difficulties of tracking down the right one. Faced with being out of space and needing to be able to definitively track the files, GISD needed a document management solution.

The Solution

For the Special Education department of GISD the solution was to make a 180 degree change in the business process. Originally there was a single person at the administrative campus who was responsible for administering all 4,300 special education files. Individual files were delivered to and from each campus either via campus mail or in many cases campus coordinators would make special trips to the admin office to get files. By imaging all of the files, and continuing to do so as new records were created, individual campus personnel are able to get their own data bypassing the single person in the administrative office. Users are restricted to records for their own individual campus which helps maintain privacy. The special education administrative secretary can now focus on other aspects of her job instead of spending 90% of her day “working the files”. The 100% adoption of FileBound by the Special Education department has motivated other departments to implement FileBound as well.

FileBound Results

Georgetown Independent School District now operates with innovation and efficiency. Yes they saved space and increased productivity, but having a centralized content management solution has increased interdepartmental communication which has created an overall efficiency with a simple, easy to use system. GISD now has the ability to track and account for files; they no longer have to be unsure about the location of their documents. With FileBound, they know who is accessing what and they can find what they need quickly and easily, exactly when they need it. Because of the success of the original project, they have since moved on to scanning records for their HR, Accounting, Payroll, Curriculum, Technology, Federal Programs, CATE, Superintendents Office, and General Administration departments. FileBound was able to help a rapidly expanding school district effectively organize and manage their “paper problem” at an affordable cost.

Bottom Line

FileBound efficiently streamlines processes and secures documents, allowing organizations to confidently look to the future. Education department has motivated other departments to implement FileBound as well.

“[FileBound] helps us provide the full solution to our clients.”

November 21, 2012

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“You need to keep moving forward, or your competitors will leave you behind.”

October 17, 2012

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April 18, 2012

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