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Enterprise Content Management Industry Roundup: Nov. 7, 2014

November 7, 2014


What’s new in the industry this week:

  1. FileBound and hundreds of other businesses participated in World Paper Free Day on Nov. 6. FileBound participated by sharing tips about how to reduce paper on Twitter. More than 20 percent of organizations are increasing their paper consumption despite the benefits of going paperless, according to new research by AIIM released for World Paper Free Day. See what else you missed from Thursday’s World Paper Free Day.
  1. AIIM President John Mancini reflected on “Zombie Paper” – or turning paper into a digital asset, by scanning it, only to print the document again – in a blog for World Paper Free Day. AIIM’s study found that almost 20 percent of scanned documents were reprinted.
  1. What does it take to develop an Internet of Things application? See how pre-built platforms are helping some companies connect their devices to the Internet.
  1. Many consumers think that wearable health devices could boost average life expectancy by 10 years, according to a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers, but daily use of wearable devices is very low. Learn why one expert says improving the data the devices collect could lead to large-scale adoption.

Don’t miss these upcoming events: 

Senior Vice President of Technology at Upland Software and General Manager of FileBound, Sean Nathaniel, is joining Ovum for a webinar on reducing ECM complexity. Register for the Nov. 12 event here.

Registration is now open for the second annual Upland User Conference! The FileBound team will be there in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, at Disney’s Beach and Yacht Club with the rest of the Upland Software family from April 27-April 30, 2015.

Enterprise Content Management Industry Roundup: October 3, 2014

October 3, 2014

Cloud technology is increasing mobility and possibly even safety.

What’s new in the industry this week:

  1. Cloud technology is driving change in vehicles. Learn how cloud technology could improve convenience and safety on the road in the new age of the connected car.
  1. Better data management and improved mobile cameras are two image capture trends expected to grow in the document management industry. Learn how the image capture market is transforming the workplace.
  1. Just as there is no such thing as a free puppy, there is no such thing as free scanning capability. Read how licensing and workflow issues from the wrong scanning software complicate your enterprise content management system.
  1. Mobile malware is a small but growing threat. Learn how enterprise and consumers can protect themselves.

What’s new with FileBound:

St. Bernard Hospital in Chicago turned to FileBound to help guarantee confidentiality and reduce paper in its human resources system. Read about how the hospital benefited from transitioning to the cloud.

Recently, Upland Software’s FileBound was named in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) 2014. Published by Gartner, Inc., the leading information technology research and advisory company, the Magic Quadrant helps decision makers develop their ECM strategies to assess whether they have the right products and enterprise platforms to support them.

Don’t miss these upcoming events:

FileBound is sponsoring an AIIM Australasia webinar on October 22 on how a process-centric approach to enterprise content management can benefit businesses. Pay attention during the webinar and you could win $100! Register for the webinar here.

Don’t miss us at the IOFM AP Conference West October 26-28 in Las Vegas, Nevada! Attend and learn how FileBound can revolutionize invoice processing. Learn more here.

Mark your calendars for April 27-30, 2015, and attend the second annual Upland User Conference! The FileBound team will be there in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., at Disney’s Beach and Yacht Club with the rest of the Upland Software family.

Case Study: ASA

May 14, 2014

FileBound was able to help the ASA manage more than 350,000 documents on a tight budget.

ASA sought a solution to manage the 350,000 plus documents associated with their membership files, both active and inactive. These files contain membership applications, annual renewals, continuing education documents, and professional certifications. This paper-based filing process was labor intensive and created challenges when responding to the needs of both Society members and employees. In addition, it was becoming difficult finding space to store the growing number of files.

The Solution

The Priton Group (TPG) worked with ASA to develop a document imaging solution to meet the goals of the Society. The system not only had to provide an easy means for scanning, storing and retrieving information, but it also had to fit within their budget. Ultimately, they selected FileBound® Express™. FileBound Express is an appliance based document management system that simply attaches to the network to provide an instant document management solution. To create a complete solution, ASA wanted to scan all of its back file member files into the system. However, the thought of indexing 350,000 pages was overwhelming. TPG designed a scan process using bar-coded sheets containing all index information. These sheets were automatically created using information from an existing database. As a result, ASA was able to scan and automatically process the documents without the need to manually index the pages.

FileBound Results

Document access has been greatly enhanced and FileBound’s feature-rich security module secures access to information. All membership data and images are backed up to their network, ensuring the information will always be available. FileBound has saved us time, money and valuable office space.

Document Management Industry Roundup: April 25, 2014

April 25, 2014

This week, we announced InStream as an Executive Partner for the fourth year in a row.

This week’s important resources:

1. InStream provides ECM technology, document scanning services, and workflow solutions nationwide. We’re happy to announce them as one of our Executive Partners for the fourth year in a row!

2. Happy Earth Day! We’re glad we can help other businesses be green by going paperless. See how much paper is used on average every year.

3. Apple released new updates for OS X and iOS this week, which include fixes for Safari and the “Triple Handshake” bug.

4. Our Partner Conference kicks off this Sunday! We’re pleased to have Sally Hogshead, renowned author and fascination expert, as our keynote speaker. Learn more about Sally and her ideas on bettering your business through fascination.

In case you missed our latest blog:

Mid-tier document management software solutions are still customizable for users and applications, but are preconfigured to perform certain functions on specific systems. Learn more about mid-tier solutions on our blog.

Document Management Industry Roundup: April 18, 2014

April 18, 2014

The Heartbleed bug was a popular topic in the industry this week, and FileBound shared a preview to its upcoming conference.

This week’s important resources:

1. Rest assured, FileBound has not been affected by Heartbleed, but some of your personal accounts still may be at risk. Here’s a quick overview of everything you need to know about the bug. 

2. The recent buzz about the Heartbleed bug has prompted many to change their personal passwords, but be sure to protect yourself against these other potential privacy intrusions too.

3. If you’re heading to the FileBound conference this month and you missed yesterday’s preview, you can still check out the webinar on our website.

4. With frequent fliers continuing to push for better in-flight Internet access, airlines are investing in new technology that promises a much stronger and faster Wifi connection.

5. Hunt for your Easter eggs online this weekend, and see what treats Google has hidden within some of its searches.

In case you missed our latest blog:

High-end document management software solutions can be worth the high price for businesses looking for a highly customized product. Learn more about high-end solutions on our blog.

Verona Area School District

October 23, 2013
With 1,234 students in the school system, a more efficient means of managing files was necessary.

After growing to over 4,600 students in the school district, a more efficient means of managing files was necessary.

Verona Area School District is the 36th largest school district in Wisconsin. It serves over 4,600 students with 1,093 faculty, staff and administration members. The district schools include a high school, two middle schools, two charter schools and four elementary schools.

The Problem

Significant growth led the Verona Area School District (ASD) to seek a document management solution to help with the storage and retrieval of paper documents. The initial application focused on the personnel files within human resources. Space was quickly becoming an issue with both current and historic personnel files taking up valuable office space. File integrity, security, confidentiality and compliance were all concerns of the department. Access to specific employee files was also a problem as principals routinely needed to retrieve employee files that were centrally stored at the district’s offices. With its filing cabinets overflowing with paper, the business office had a similar concern for space. Furthermore, the process used to copy check registers and attach them to supporting documentation was inefficient and wasteful. The district also needed a solution that integrated with their current school management system. Using an independent document management system protects their information, but also provides portability to work with other school management systems should the district decide to change solutions in the future.

The Solution

FileBound worked with Verona Area School District (ASD) to develop a document imaging solution to meet their current needs while incorporating the ability to grow and adapt to changing requirements. The solution included the ability to scan and index the back file of employee files while efficiently handling forward scanning. The FileBound® On-Demand™ Document Management Solution provides the flexibility they were looking for at a cost they could easily afford. Now that the back file has been successfully entered into the electronic repository, system retrievals require just seconds through the FileBound® On-Demand™ solution. Utilizing the index values established within the personnel files application, administrators in each school can access their employee files without seeing files from other schools. The system was also designed to limit access to specific document types within each employee file. This allows specific documents, such as drug tests, to be viewed by only the appropriate managers.

FileBound Results

One benefit of the new document management system is increased office space resulting from the elimination of the physical files. Efficiency gains through the ability of principals to access their own employee files have reduced the dependence of district personnel on manually retrieving and distributing information. The structure of the FileBound solution also allows the district to meet all state compliance requirements. The On-Demand model allowed VASD to deploy the system quickly and with very little involvement of the IT department. Integration with the district’s school management system allows users to access information directly from their core applications. Finally, the separation of their documents from their school management system creates an easy transition should the district ever decide to change solutions. The Verona ASD HR director commented, “Our FileBound Document Management Solution is so affordable; every school district needs to take a serious look at this technology.”


September 25, 2013

Teacher and students

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA) and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) require that all students participate in state abilities assessments. SEK, the service that provides these assessments, is headquartered in Parsons, Kansas, from where it deploys psychologists who travel the region performing student evaluations, recording data and submitting their findings to headquarters where they are accessed by the federal government.

The Problem

The vast majority of SEK employees are deployed in the field where they conduct student assessments. Once an assessment is completed, it is important for the assessor to quickly return findings to headquarters for processing. However, over the years it has proved increasingly difficult for assessing psychologists to manage all the paperwork and get it back to headquarters in a timely manner. This, in turn, has slowed government payments to SEK.

The Solution

The FileBound Document Management System provided a highly efficient solution to all of SEK’s challenges. Now, once a psychologist completes an assessment in the field, he or she simply scans it into FileBound and it is immediately uploaded to FileBound® On DemandTM for quick processing and billing to the federal government. Every assessment stored in the FileBound Document Management System is instantly available to governmental agencies through the FileBound Clipboard, so getting the copies they need is easier than ever before.

FileBound Results

Processing of assessments that once took days or even weeks can now be completed in minutes from the field. By streamlining processing, SEK has also been able to speed up receipt of payment from the government. Furthermore, any assessment stored within the FileBound system is quickly retrieved whenever needed, eliminating hours of searching through records that over the years could get lost or misplaced.

High-end Document Management for the Masses

September 12, 2013
Document management is a necessity, and FileBound allows an affordable high-end solution.

Document management is a necessity, and FileBound allows an affordable high-end solution.

“Imagine your critical corporate information, accessible from anywhere in the world and always up-to-date. Start using the power of the Internet to drive your document repository!”

Every business or organization, regardless of their size, has certain common characteristics and challenges. They all have documents and information that they need to organize, manage and control in order to ensure their success. Whether they use Quick Books or a high-end ERP solution, they all generate invoices, process payables, have human resource files and have to complete tax forms. Comparatively, if they are a one-doctor clinic or a 500-bed hospital they have to keep medical records and process EOB documents.

Today, information and the documents generated from it are created from multiple sources and stored in many forms. Every organization has Word documents, emails, faxes, paper documents and many other document types. The question is: how do they bring all these pieces together to create a history of their activities, provide customer support and comply with government regulations? Document management solutions are the answer.

In the past, the solutions that would allow organizations to build enterprise systems to manage these challenges were financially out of reach to all but the very largest. They were faced with very few options other than printing everything to paper and filing it in traditional manual filing systems or scanning the paper into a basic imaging system. Even though these systems marginally worked, they limited growth, consumed human resources and created regulatory compliance issues.

Two developments over the past few years have changed this paradigm. These are the introduction of web technologies and hosted services. Together, both of these have reduced the internal infrastructure required to deploy and support document management systems, while lowering the total cost of ownership to the point where document management solutions are within reach of all organizations.

These systems, like FileBound by Upland, allow organizations of any size to design a document management solution to meet their needs. With FileBound, you can capture content from any source, whether its scanning paper or importing emails and faxes or documents created from other applications. Once imported into FileBound, this content can be routed down pre-configured workflows, stored and securely accessed from a web browser or published for website access.

Everyone needs document management and with FileBound, organizations can choose to adopt it as a hosted solution using the FileBound On-Demand service. Or, implement it as a simple network appliance with FileBound Express. Or, license the solution and install FileBound on an IT infrastructure. This clearly demonstrates a paradigm shift, which makes high-end document management systems available to all.

Pharmaceutical Distributor

May 22, 2013
With two separate warehouses in different, this pharmaceutical distributor needed a more efficient process than paper manifests.

With two separate warehouses in different states, this pharmaceutical distributor needed a more efficient process than paper manifests.

This large pharmaceutical distributor serves independent pharmacists and  drugstores throughout the Southwest United States. Employing 250 men and women in various capacities, the distributor uses its own trucks as well as third party haulers to deliver orders as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Problem

From two warehouses located in separate states, this pharmaceutical distributor used truck delivery to meet the needs of customers throughout the Southwest. Once deliveries were made, each truck returned to the warehouses with a stack of signed manifests, giving proof that the product had arrived safely at each location. For five years, paper manifests accumulated in boxes at the respective warehouses. 

The Solution

The VAR recommended a solution to the distributor that combined FileBound® Importer ProTM and FileBound® On-DemandTM capabilities with the Fujitsu 6010, NSi Autostore and Kofax Capture. The company was pleased that the recommendation did not require the purchase of either software or hardware. In addition, no specialized workforce was required to operate the new solution.

FileBound Results

The company is overwhelmingly pleased with the implementation. Today, its employees can instantly locate any manifest or set of manifests no matter how long ago the product was delivered. Manifests can be viewed, emailed, printed and downloaded from a secure web repository where they are completely safe from disaster or theft. Multiple users can look at the same manifest at once and the company receives monthly transaction audit logs on request, allowing headquarters to stay firmly in control of activity in the field. Finally, the company has freed up a huge amount of storage space where the old manifests were previously housed.

Kossuth Regional Health Center

May 15, 2013


Kossuth Regional Health Center (KRHC), located in Algona, Iowa, operates a 24-bed critical access hospital, two physician clinics, home care, hospice and public health nursing agencies. The company includes 150 employees and maintains service agreements with Mercy Medical Center – North Iowa.

The Problem

To determine eligibility for treatment at Kossuth Regional Health Center, staff is required to gather social, medical and psychological information on prospective patients. It was difficult to assemble all the required patient information and maintain it in one location that was easily accessible to all authorized to use it. Handling the slow, manual preparation and storage of Explanation of Benefit (EOB) forms was another challenge that slowed responsiveness to requests for documentation of benefits. Both the in-take and the EOB management processes were costly and labor intensive. Clearly, something needed to be done to streamline the systems and centralize document storage.

The Solution

FileBound document management was the solution KRHC needed to streamline and secure its intake and EOB operations. FileBound’s affordable price made it possible for KRHC to adopt the on-demand version that requires minimal IT resources from the client. Because the software is customizable and flexible, KRHC has been able to deploy it in multiple areas of the Health Center.

FileBound Results

The adoption of FileBound has streamlined the handling of patient intake information and the preparation and storage of EOBs. FileBound has become a highly secure, central repository of information that can be shared throughout the organization. One of the most appreciated benefits of FileBound is the ability to provide EOBs to patients quickly and conveniently. KHRC anticipates a 50-60 percent time savings (which translates into significant cost savings on labor) once FileBound is fully implemented.