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Texas Hospital reduces streamlines billing with FileBound

July 30, 2014

FileBound was able to decrease the billing cycle of East Texas Medical Center EMS from two months to one week.

East Texas Medical Center EMS Significantly Reduces Billing Cycle with FileBound

Although highly efficient in all its medical services provided to patients, this organization was being held back by a manual system of handling trip tickets, Explanation of Benefits (EOB) processing, accounts receivables and membership drive management. As a result, trip tickets, which show details of each trip and service provided, were slow to reach billing. Printed trip tickets were regularly misplaced, delaying billing even more. In addition, the time-consuming manual tracking of EOBs impacted the organization’s ability to provide timely information to patients and insurers. The manual billing process that depended on data gathered from the manually processed trip tickets resulted in a 60-day accounts receivable cycle. On top of everything else, all of these manually performed operations required the organization to regularly hire a large number of temporary employees. The end result was a slow, expensive operation that was holding back the organization.

The Solution

The company adopted a FileBound platform to manage all its documents. Trip tickets, EOBs and membership forms are now scanned into the FileBound system and all workflow processes are managed by the system which provides tremendous savings of time and labor. The FileBound system was also configured so the company could OCR their EOBs. This resulted in information being immediately accessible, further streamlining the process. The organization now also uses FileBound to manage its annual membership drive to speed up information availability and follow-up.

FileBound Results

FileBound provided a complete solution that contains all the features and functions the client needed. The introduction of FileBound technology has cut their billing cycle from 60 days to one week. Trip tickets are now captured the day after creation and entered into the billing system within 48 hours. The three full-time employees who previously were manually managing each day’s batch of EOBs are no longer needed and have been deployed elsewhere in the company. The client felt that the FileBound solution was user-friendly and intuitive to all levels of users. The customer achieved a return-on-investment within just nine months due to the new, highly efficient EOB strategy and a reduced need for contract/temporary labor.

Humility of Mary Health Partners

June 12, 2013
Space is important and expensive. FileBound helped this health system free up two rooms that used to house documents and records.

Space is important and expensive. FileBound helped this health system free up two rooms that were used to house documents and records.

Humility of Mary Health Partners (HMHP) is a region of Catholic Healthcare Partners, the largest health system in Ohio and the seventh largest not-for-profit health system in the United States. With facilities throughout Mahoning, Trumbull, and Columbiana Counties, Humility of Mary Health Partners is proud to be the area’s preferred provider for health care services.

The Problem

When services are provided to patients, claims for the payment of these services are submitted to third party payers (insurance companies, government agencies, 3rd party administrators, etc.). Payments are made to the providers in the form of a check or electronic funds transfer. Accompanying the payment is an itemized report of the claims included in the payment. Typically several patients are paid with a single check. The itemized report is then used by the provider to post the payment to each patient’s account. Often the amount received doesn’t fully satisfy the outstanding balance and then requires them to either submit a secondary claim or bill the patient directly for the difference. The challenge for the health care provider is to create a filing system that allows them to easily retrieve an EOB that lists multiple patients in order to submit a secondary claim or to perform collections for the unpaid balance for a single patient.

The Solution

FileBound provided the perfect solution to HMHP’s process challenges. FileBound allows users to build a process that minimizes the labor required to file and retrieve EOB documents. After the EOB’s have been posted to the accounting system, they are batched according to how that system processed them (typically posting date or batch ID number). These batches are then scanned and indexed by the batch ID or posting date. The scanned batches are run through an OCR (optical character recognition) process that indexes all the words off of the documents. This allows the provider to lookup a payment in the accounting system to get the batch ID information they then enter that value into the FileBound system along with a name, amount or claim number and search for the pages within the batch that has this information. Once these pages are found, the system allows you to use a “white-out” process (redaction feature found in annotations) to reprint a version of the form that only shows the information for a single patient as mandated within the HIPAA regulations. This is then used as a backup attachment for secondary claims or in collections.

FileBound Results

By implementing the FileBound solution, HMHP was able to empty two rooms. One of the rooms is no longer needed and has saved them office space costs and the other room was converted to an equipment room. Additionally, offsite storage space has almost been eliminated. 

Document Management Industry Roundup: May 17, 2013

May 17, 2013

This week’s industry news:

Take a break to catch up on this week's latest industry news

Take a break to catch up on this week’s latest industry news

Despite the cloud’s ability to provide serious benefits, many IT departments are hesitant to jump into the cloud.

US Customs is moving towards going paperless. The agency will be trialing kiosks for travelers to fill out their arrival paperwork.

“Every document that’s important to your business can and should flow into a digital records management system.”

Upland Software announces the acquisition of FileBound Document Management Solutions, making it the world’s largest provider of cloud-based enterprise software for project, portfolio and work management.

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