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Case Study: ASA

May 14, 2014

FileBound was able to help the ASA manage more than 350,000 documents on a tight budget.

ASA sought a solution to manage the 350,000 plus documents associated with their membership files, both active and inactive. These files contain membership applications, annual renewals, continuing education documents, and professional certifications. This paper-based filing process was labor intensive and created challenges when responding to the needs of both Society members and employees. In addition, it was becoming difficult finding space to store the growing number of files.

The Solution

The Priton Group (TPG) worked with ASA to develop a document imaging solution to meet the goals of the Society. The system not only had to provide an easy means for scanning, storing and retrieving information, but it also had to fit within their budget. Ultimately, they selected FileBound® Express™. FileBound Express is an appliance based document management system that simply attaches to the network to provide an instant document management solution. To create a complete solution, ASA wanted to scan all of its back file member files into the system. However, the thought of indexing 350,000 pages was overwhelming. TPG designed a scan process using bar-coded sheets containing all index information. These sheets were automatically created using information from an existing database. As a result, ASA was able to scan and automatically process the documents without the need to manually index the pages.

FileBound Results

Document access has been greatly enhanced and FileBound’s feature-rich security module secures access to information. All membership data and images are backed up to their network, ensuring the information will always be available. FileBound has saved us time, money and valuable office space.

Back to Back Trucking

November 20, 2013
What once took this trucking company hours now only takes them seconds with FileBound

What once took this trucking company hours now takes only seconds with FileBound.

Back to Back Trucking (B2B Trucking) is the Rocky Mountain Region’s premier expedited shipping and warehousing company serving more than 100 companies throughout North America. The owner-operated business is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, where it employs five staff members along with 10 independent drivers.

The Problem

B2B Trucking is a busy, growing company using a paper-based delivery ticket ordering and records system. Customer shipment orders come into the office by both phone and fax. Often, drivers deployed on the job would take the faxed order sheet with them, leaving office staff with no record of the job or its details. Record storage for past jobs was another challenge. Since records were kept in boxes in the warehouse, they were not easily accessible for the office staff when billing questions arose. Despite the employees’ immediate attention to a customer’s concern, it could take hours, or longer, to locate the paperwork for a past job and resolve a question. Management knew this was not consistent with the firm’s reputation for outstanding customer service. Something had to change.

The Solution

TB2B Trucking found the ideal solution to its problems in the FileBound® Express™ network appliance. With this plug-and-play complete document management solution, they were able to develop new best practices for managing shipment orders when ensured the right documents were available on time, every time. Orders are now scanned and easily filed right within the system.

FileBound Results

B2B also converted all of their old records into the system. So what once took hours of searching through boxes to find the necessary records to answer customer support questions, now takes only seconds. The result is that customers get immediate answers to their questions and employees are able to spend their time more productively in the office. The new FileBound Express solution has brought structure and control to their order processing. Every order is now immediately entered into the system, eliminating questions about where a driver has gone, what he or she is carrying, and when the job will be completed. All the details about an order are now always available from the system. With FileBound, the office runs more smoothly and efficiently and everyone has better visibility into day-to-day deliveries, allowing B2B to maintain high levels of customer service.

Salado Independent School District

November 14, 2012

Salado ISD solved its “paper problem” with FileBound Express.

Salado Independent School District (ISD) serves families in the village of Salado, Texas, incorporated in 2003 and located midway between Austin and Waco, Texas. This public school system with approximately 200 employees educates 1,350 students, enrolled in five schools. The educational program includes grades pre-kindergarten through 12.

The Problem

Salado Independent School District (ISD) was running out of space to store records. By law, the district has to maintain school board minutes; student transcripts; and records for human resources, payroll, and taxes forever. In addition, the district is required to keep special education and AP records for seven years. The district purchased a bullet/fire proof portable building in hopes of adequately securing the growing stockpile of records, but within a short time this facility was overflowing. This made it extremely time consuming and difficult for employees to locate and retrieve records in a timely manner.

The Solution

The FileBound® Express™ Document Management System provided the ideal solution to the school district’s growing records management problem. After only 3 months, the entire backlog of records had been entered into the FileBound® Express™ system. Employees were quickly trained in the use of the system to simplify records retrieval and storage going forward.

FileBound Results

With the introduction of FileBound® Express™, the school district has emptied out the portable storage facility and freed it up for other uses. The superintendent has peace of mind knowing that records are truly secure in electronic storage and that the district is in full compliance with the state’s document retention laws. Employees are able to save countless hours that were formerly spent retrieving records. Instantly, any record can be located by a simple search within the system. The system has eliminated the time and costs associated with managing paper records and documents.