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Enterprise Content Management Industry Roundup: Dec. 5, 2014

December 5, 2014
A hand holding a pen and forming a signature is shown next to an icon of a clock and the words signature slowdowns.

Research on the impacts of physical signatures made news in the industry this week.


What’s new in the industry this week:

1. Recent AIIM research found that capturing a physical signature adds an average of three days to a process. See more about the research and some factors to think about when considering digital signature processes.

2. Simply allowing employees to access enterprise information on their mobile device without formatting the information to a smaller screen is not good strategy, according to one expert. Read eight common misconceptions about enterprise mobility.

3. The Internet of Things is the third wave of major IT innovations, according to an economist and a CEO, and it could usher in an era of prosperity. Read how the Internet of Things could have more potential for business than technologies such as cloud computing.

4. Rogue employees or staff accidents caused the exposure of about 100,000 records according to a 2014 NetDiligence report. See what the monetary cost of cyber incidents is, from the viewpoint of insurers.

What’s new with FileBound:

This week, we were proud to announce that FileBound has been certified with Fujitsu’s PaperStream IP image enhancement technology.

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Registration is now open for the second annual Upland User Conference! The FileBound team will be there in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, at Disney’s Beach and Yacht Club with the rest of the Upland Software family from April 27-April 30, 2015.


Document Management Industry Roundup: July 25, 2014

July 25, 2014

Cloud solutions and emerging trends were popular topics in our industry this week.

What’s new in the industry this week:

1. Business leaders searching for a cloud solution should consider what will bring the best end results for their organization. Here are 10 things to consider when choosing the right one for your business:

2. What are the latest trends emerging in the cloud world? Our partner HP has the details on what’s ahead for the industry:

3. This week, we attended a thought-leader roundtable hosted by our partner, ABBYY. Watch what we discussed here: 

What’s new with FileBound this week:

4. We’re proud to announce we were a finalist for a 2014 Stratus Award for Software as a Service of the Year! The Business Intelligence Group’s Stratus Award recognizes companies making a difference in the world of cloud computing. Learn more about the winners and finalists here:

Learn more about the Stratus Awards here:

5. Home of FileBound headquarters, Lincoln, Neb., came in #6 on Forbes’ Best Places For Business And Careers 2014: 

6. We had a lot of fun this week at the Cornhusker State Games, Defy Gravity, and with our new personal trainer! We even got a second baseball team. All around, a great week in the FileBound office!





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Don’t miss these upcoming events:

Our partner, AIIM, will be hosting its annual Round the Lake Dinner Cruise on Tuesday, August 12, from 6 p.m.-9:30 p.m. Both users and vendors are welcome to enjoy a leisurely ride around Lake Washington while socializing with partners, colleagues, and friends. We hope you can attend!

The second annual Upland User Conference was announced this week! Mark your calendars for April 27-30, 2015. The FileBound team will be there in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., at Disney’s Beach and Yacht Club with the rest of the Upland Software family!

Pharmaceutical Distributor in Southwest

October 24, 2012
This large pharmaceutical distributor serves independent pharmacists and drugstores throughout the Southwest United States. Employing 250 men and women in various capacities, the distributor uses its own trucks as well as third party haulers to deliver orders as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This pharmaceutical distributor increased document access and efficiency with FileBound  On-Demand and FileBound Importer Pro.

The Problem

From two warehouses located in separate states, this pharmaceutical distributor used truck delivery to meet the needs of customers throughout the Southwest. Once deliveries were made, each truck returned to the warehouses with a stack of signed manifests, giving proof that the product had arrived safely at each location. For five years, paper manifests accumulated in boxes at the respective warehouses. At a rate of 250,000 manifests per year for one warehouse and 100,000 from the other, the manifest system was rapidly giving rise to several problems:

• It was difficult (and often impossible) to locate a particular manifest if a customer had a question about delivery.

• Faxing a manifest to a customer for proof of delivery consumed additional employee time, as did re-filing the manifests after faxing was complete.

• Storage space was diminishing as the boxes of manifests multiplied and the company would soon be looking at renting storage space to house the overflow.

• The company was losing centralized control by having manifests stored on-location at the warehouses.

• Auditing manifests was not possible.

The Solution

The VAR recommended a solution to the distributor that combined FileBound® Importer ProTM and FileBound® On-DemandTM capabilities with the Fujitsu 6010, NSi Autostore and Kofax Capture. The company was pleased that the recommendation did not require the purchase of either software or hardware. In addition, no specialized workforce was required to operate the new solution.

FileBound Results

The company is overwhelmingly pleased with the implementation. Today, its employees can instantly locate any manifest or set of manifests no matter how long ago the product was delivered. Manifests can be viewed, emailed, printed and downloaded from a secure web repository where they are completely safe from disaster or theft. Multiple users can look at the same manifest at once and the company receives monthly transaction audit logs on request, allowing headquarters to stay firmly in control of activity in the field. Finally, the company has freed up a huge amount of storage space where the old manifests were previously housed.