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Document Management Industry Roundup: December 6, 2013

December 6, 2013

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This week’s important resources:

1. Cyber Monday is a great way to boost e-commerce and an alternative to some of the Black Friday chaos, but be sure you’re protecting yourself and/or your customers.

2. Some financial institutions already have back-office operations paperless, but still send out paper statements and bills to customers. Here are some tips to make paperless banking more paperless.

3. Does your organization also need to bring its records into the 21st century? Find out how the National Archives and Records Administration is working to reach its goal of making all permanent records electronic by 2019.

4. For those in the healthcare industry, Obamacare is causing some to take another look at their BPM and workflow needs. Has it changed anything at your organization?

In case you missed our latest blog:

A paper-based invoicing system with no electronic back-up meant processes were slow for this corporation and disasters could be catastrophic.

Document Management Industry Roundup: November 29, 2013

November 29, 2013
Need a bright idea? Look for inspiration in this week's industry roundup.

Need a bright idea? Look for inspiration in this week’s industry roundup.

This week’s important resources:

1. Without setting up a process to transition to paperless, your staff may become overworked, like this one:

2. With $2500 per person being spent by this board of education on meeting agendas, mailings, and calendars, switching to paperless was a win-win.

3. Why is the cloud important for disaster recovery? Find out why, other than the quick speed it allows a business to recover.

In case you missed our latest blog:

By letting FileBound solve Community Home Health’s AP issues, they were able to spend more time providing their patients with individualized care.

Document Management Industry Roundup: November 15, 2013

November 15, 2013
Before you pack up for the day, brush up on any industry news you missed this week.

Before you pack up for the day, brush up on any industry news you missed this week.

This week’s important resources:

1. From Big Data has come hyerdata. It uses local data to compare with global trends to make inferences on patterns, such as the price of vegetables based on average rainfall. Find out more:

2. What is holding some banks back from implementing a BPM system? Despite the financial industry innovating more than ever, there are some obstacles preventing them from innovating to their full potential.

3. The manufacturing industry could benefit from increased efficiency and lowered barriers to innovation by going paperless. Click on the link below to find what other benefits come occur.

In case you missed our latest blog:

How can you avoid obstacles when undergoing a new workflow implementation? It’s important for both sides to manage expectations and understand where the C level stands. Take a look at one of our white papers on the subject featured in our blog.


Document Management Industry Roundup: October 4, 2013

October 4, 2013
Take five to catch up on this week's industry news.

Take five to catch up on this week’s industry news on big data, going paperless, and innovation.

This week’s important resources:

1. Could “small data” be even more useful than the over-buzzed about “big data?”

2. “Delta is projected to reduce the airline’s paper usage by 7.5 million sheets annually and save an estimated 900 trees each year.” Find out how by clicking on the link below.

3. Innovation is an important part of business, and having employees practiced and continually learning about their field is a major way to foster innovation.   One in seven executives view employee education expenditures as a sunk cost. Which group is your company’s executives part of?

In case you missed our latest blog:

FileBound 6.6 was released! Learn about all of the upgrades and enhancements, including 78% faster OCR, and more mobile support.

Miss any essential document management industry news this week? We’ve got you covered! (February 13-17)

February 17, 2012

This week's industry news roundup includes news about a paperless classroom and a legal office that has ditched paper, as well as some tips about the cloud and information governance.

This week’s important resources:

1. McPherson College tests first paperless class — “I think we’re starting to get to a day and age that people know how to use the technology. I think paperless is going to be the way to go in the future.”

2. Law firm transitions to paperless, saving hours each week — “If I had to guess, I believe this conversion saves each of our attorneys several hours a week just in staying organized. This alone is definitely worth the cost!”

3. Information governance: more than a confusing buzzword — “For others – the people who have been merrily developing all kinds of ‘unique’ SharePoint repositories, naming conventions and applications with no real ‘owner’ – the idea of information governance is more of a buzz kill.”

4. What is the future in the cloud for CFOs? — “He adds that software as a service (SaaS) will increasingly take more IT budget. ‘By 2020, 28-30% of the budget for all business applications deployment will be in SaaS,’ he believes.”

Check out our latest blog post, too:

Community Home Health turned to FIleBound to streamline its Accounts Payable process. — “Through a hosted FileBound document management solution, the company is able to match up the PO, packing slips and invoices electronically, ultimately decreasing the time and hassle of paying invoices.” On the blog:

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December 30, 2011

This is our last blog post of 2011! Take a look at what we've accomplished in the past year, and read how to make the most of 2012!

This week’s important resources:

1. Cloud computing certainly has its skeptics, but it’s mostly a lack of understanding – “Not understanding the cloud is holding them back,” said Connie Arentson, president of Heartland Technology Solutions. “The fact is they’ve got their infrastructure in-house with all their data on it. There’s a security in knowing where it’s at and having it there.”

2. A year in the cloud: See how far we’ve come. – “With hindsight, it seems self-evident that mobile and social would become core to enterprise software strategies, and yet a year ago, it was still a novelty to suggest either.”

3. Enterprise technology looks at changes in 2012 – “As for what many business and enterprise employees want, that might not necessarily align with IT department regulations. Yes, we’re talking about the bring-your-own-device-to-work trend, which is only going to become more pertinent in the next year.”

4. Tech gadgets to boost productivity while on-the-go – “But just because you’re on-the-go doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected to your business and keep up with the myriad of tasks on your plate. Luckily for road-warrior types, a number of gadgets and high-tech services are designed for helping business owners boost productivity while on the move.”

Check out our latest blog post, too:

South Plains College securely stores 1.5 million admissions and financial aid documents with FileBound – “Documents in the archive files were also scanned via the Data Manager scan module, and indexed using barcode cover sheets developed for each file. This process allows multiple files to be simultaneously scanned, automatically indexed, and uploaded to the FileBound ECM system.”

Miss any essential document management industry news this week? We’ve got you covered! (December 12-16)

December 16, 2011

If files are eating up time and space in your office, take a cue from the White House and take those documents to the cloud.

This week’s important resources:

1. White House cloud security program moves forward – “FedRAMP will create a government-wide security authorization process that federal CIO Steven VanRoekel estimated on a phone call with reporters Thursday will save the government 30% to 40% in assessing, authorizing, and procuring cloud services.”

2. Increase productivity by improving the way your company manages incoming information – “A recent piece of research conducted by industry body AIIM found that 62 per cent of the companies surveyed had achieved return on investment, or better, in terms of productivity. 28 percent of respondents considered capture a ‘crucial component’ in business processes and a further 36 percent considered it to be a ‘key enabler.'”

3. What’s the deal with cloud in 2012? – “A possible motto for the upcoming year may be ‘Cloud First; But Show Me the Money.’ Cloud will become simply be the accepted way of acquiring IT services and new applications.”

Check out our latest blog post, too:

East Texas Medical Center EMS achieves ROI in just 9 months with FileBound – “The company adopted a FileBound platform to manage all its documents. Trip tickets, EOBs and membership forms are now scanned into the FileBound system and all workflow processes are managed by the system which provides tremendous savings of time and labor.”

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December 2, 2011

2012 may prove to be the "awkward teenage phase" of cloud computing, but is that such a bad thing?

This week’s important resources:

1. Cloud in 2012: the awkward teenage phase? – “Cloud computing won’t play out exactly like client-server or the Internet era did but there are strong similarities and the early years were the most painful. To that aim, it’s time to put our soothsayer’s hat back on and read the tarot for cloud in 2012.”

2. What is the future of productivity? Check out Microsoft Office’s vision:

3. This blogger suggests the paperless dream is dead. Is it? – “Furthermore, a side effect of the supposed paperless revolution has been the immense ease with which one can click the “print” icon and spit out hundreds of pages in seconds, with only the smell of hot paper and burnt toner to remind one of the shattered dreams of paperless nirvana.”

4. Cloud computing is expected to grow 12-fold by 2015. That’s a 66% compound annual growth rate! – “Cloud is also estimated today to be 11 percent of data center traffic, growing to more than 33 percent of the total by 2015. Cloud is becoming a critical element for the future of IT and delivery of video and content.”

Check out our latest blog post, too:

The American Society of Agronomy saved time, money, and space with FileBound – “Document access has been greatly enhanced and FileBound’s feature-rich security module secures access to information. All membership data and images are backed up to their network, ensuring the information will always be available.”

Miss any essential document management industry news this week? We’ve got you covered! (October 24-28)

October 28, 2011

What can going green do for your business culture? Even small activities like recycling can bring your employees together for a common cause. Going paperless is a great way to help the environment.

This week’s important resources:

1. Baltimore Ravens go paperless, will recoup investment in just 2 years – “Security is the greatest priority with the tablets. Fusee said the encryption for downloading game plans is a 256-bit, Department of Defense-standard encryption. Players are required to turn in their iPads no later than the conclusion of a game, and just in case there is a straggler, there is a “time bomb” on the game plans that automatically deletes them a few hours after a contest.”

2. What phone does IT prefer – “‘If it were up to IT managers there would still be only one solution out there and it would be called BlackBerry,’ Croft tells Ars. Why is that? iOS and Android now support encryption, forced PIN entry, remote wipes and other security capabilities, but Croft says RIM security is simply more robust and easier to implement.”

3. Painting the office “green” – “Being green is a state of mind, and simply educating your employees about the importance of environmental responsibility will go a long way in creating a green culture in your office. Fostering a green office culture is not only good for the environment, but it can be good for business.”

4. What you need to know about enterprise capture – “Specifically, while a relatively high percentage of user organizations are scanning to archive, relatively few are extracting data from images to doing indexing or metadata, even fewer are extracting data to drive processes, and still fewer have a true enterprise capture strategy.”

Check out our latest blog post, too:

GE-Aviation implements worldwide FileBound solution – “Each break sheet has a unique bar code that eliminates the need to index records before applying associated customer data needed for indexing. Images and data are then formatted for upload to GE’s private FileBound website which can be accessed by authorized users around the globe 24/7.”

We’ve also added a handful of new videos:

Go to our YouTube channel ( to check out the new Did You Know series. We uploaded new videos featuring CIO Sean Nathaniel demonstrating Search, Mobile, Integration, Workflow, and e-Forms.