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Document Management Industry Roundup: January 10, 2014

January 10, 2014
Take a look at what we've

Take a look at what this week has to offer in document management news.

This week’s important resources:

1. Bring your own cloud (BYOC) could pose some issues if these risks aren’t properly addressed.

2. We’re happy to announce Sean Nathaniel as the new General Manager of FileBound. Find out more about Sean’s vision for FileBound:

3. How engaged are employees at your organization? Gallup reports that 70% of US workers aren’t reaching their full potential.

4. The number one reason for dissatisfaction with ECM was poor content strategy. Find out how else content usage has affected ECM.

In case you missed our latest blog:

“[FileBound] helps us provide a full solution to our clients.” – Brian Sewart, OnCourse