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Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

December 11, 2013
As the largest Sheriff's office in the country, having employee paperwork digitized helped the department stay efficient.

As the largest sheriff’s office in the country, digitized employee paperwork became a necessity for an effective hiring process.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office is a fully integrated law enforcement agency committed to being the leader in establishing the standards for providing professional quality law enforcement, detention, and support services to the citizens of Maricopa County and to other criminal justice agencies. The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, headed by the famed Sheriff Joe Arpaio, is the most talked about and nationally recognized Sheriff’s Office in the country today.

The Problem

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, the largest sheriff’s office in the country, desperately needed to streamline their employee hiring and screening process. Their current method was very complex and paper based, which made keeping track of important documents extremely difficult. Due to their lengthy hiring and screening process they were exhausting their labor budgets. They were constantly extending the timeframe needed to process applicant paperwork. The substantial amount of time that it was taking the human resources department to hire applicants for employment, resulted in excessive overtime expenses, costly mistakes, miss-filed paperwork, and duplicated efforts. With paper everywhere it was also difficult to remain compliant with existing privacy laws and regulations. It was painfully obvious; the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office needed a document management solution, fast.

FileBound Results

FileBound has completely changed the way the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office manages their paperwork. They no longer have piles of paperwork waiting to get processed, which allows them to get new employees up and running as a quick and easy process. FileBound is a versatile, highly scalable and feature rich document management solution. Due to its web-based structure it is highly customizable, which allows administrators to create a solution that meets all of their document management needs.

Community Home Health

November 26, 2013

Part of a larger organization, headquartered in Pennsylvania, Community Home Health of Claremore, Oklahoma, provides quality, compassionate care to those in the community facing illness and/or medical limitations. Through a wide range of programs, the company meets the needs of people of all ages by providing the latest medical technologies and hospice services.

By letting FileBound solve Community Home Health's AP issues, they were able to spend more time providing their patients with individualized care.

By letting FileBound solve Community Home Health’s AP issues, they were able to spend more time providing their patients with individualized care.

The Problem

A busy medical care practice with limited staff, Community Home Health was deeply involved in providing quality service to patients. However, lack of a workable AP process and a viable electronic document management system caused the company to pay significant late charges to vendors. On average, the company was sending out approximately 50 checks per week using a simple Quicken accounting program. There was no purchase order system and four different people within the organization had the authority to order supplies. The CFO had no idea an order had been placed until the packing slip arrived in his mailbox. He would file the packing slip in one drawer of his desk. When the invoices arrived, they were placed in another location. Because there was no clear system for matching up invoices and making payments in a timely manner, the company was often forced to pay late charges that were completely unnecessary.

The Solution

The first step in solving the problem was the adoption of a workflow solution that allowed certain specified users to approve purchase orders before orders are placed. Community Home Health personnel set due dates within the workflow module that assure payments are made in time to avoid late charges. Through a hosted FileBound document management solution, the company is able to match up the PO, packing slips and invoices electronically, ultimately decreasing the time and hassle of paying invoices.

FileBound Results

Community Home Health has eliminated late fees from its AP process. The system is streamlined, organized and efficient. Because of FileBound, Community Home Health is able to have confidence in its AP process and continue focusing its energies on providing quality health care services to people in need.


Document Management Industry Roundup: November 22, 2013

November 22, 2013
Busy week? We'll help you catch up with our industry roundup.

Busy week? We’ll help you catch up with our industry roundup.

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October 16, 2013